Moving Time!!!!!


Finally, I’m moving. I was so trilled about it too. I was moving from a small one bedroom apartment into something much bigger. While I didn’t have much furniture, I figured that with time, I could get everything I needed. I was looking more forward to my children coming to live with me. My plan was to furnish the apartment and have them move in. In all honesty, I didn’t really care about the furniture. I was more excited about having the kids move in. I mean, it was the main reason why I got something bigger and with a lot more space. It was also because I knew I’d have a piece of mind knowing my ex-husband did not know where I was going to be staying.

Durning the time of me moving I was in the process of obtaining a restraining order on my ex for him continuously stalking my apartment and for breaking the window. I went to court multiple times and each time I was told he had not been served yet because he was avoiding being served and my court date was moved back. After the last court meeting I deciding, since I was moving, it was no longer necessary to pursue the restraining order because he was not going to know where I was moving. Needless to say, I stopped pursuing the restraining order.

I moved in and was beginning to get settled. I actually really liked my apartment. The next challenge I needed to face was to have my children move in with me full time. I knew that was going to be hard because my ex was not to going let them move in with me without some sort of fight. I didn’t care about any of that, I was beyond ready and prepared to fight, with everything I had in me. It was one thing for him to destroy everything in me that made me a woman. I was not about to let him do the same to my children. If it was a fight he wanted, it was a fight he was definitely a fight he was going to get.

And that’s on everything I loved……..

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